Hundreds of dogs enjoy a 'Nae Fireworks' party on Bonfire night

Hundreds of pet dogs were able to avoid the fireworks and enjoy a firework free zone on Bonfire night thanks to a special event organised by the Whitelee Countryside Ranger Service.

The annual 'Nae Fireworks' Nights event first began in 2017 and runs over Bonfire Night and the nights leading up to it, offering respite for dogs and their owners on what can be a stressful night for pets.

About 1,000 people (and their dogs) are reported to have attended this year's event on Bonfire Night at Whitelee Wind Farm in Eaglesham near Glasgow, with services including dog Reiki sessions - for soothing any anxious pets - and a torch lit, guided walk through the farm away from any noises on offer throughout the night.

A Whitelee Ranger patrol was even sent out to ensure no displays were taking place, or fireworks set off, near the farm.

Fireworks can often leave dogs feeling anxious or scared.


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Posting about the event, the ranger service wrote: "The walk was brilliant with well over 100 dogs and their owners snaking their way around Brown Hill, lit up by hundreds of torches. The visitor centre was 'dogtopia' with every size and breed of dog imaginable, all socialising and getting along, enjoying animal reiki treatments or just chilling on their dog beds, while owners were looked after by the relentless cafe staff who kept the coffee and cakes flowing.

"We think there were between 800 - 1000 visitors throughout the night, but we wont rest on our laurels and are already making plans for 2020 and how we can improve things."

Several people took to social media to thank the service for their efforts.

Gillian Smith, who attended the event with her pets, wrote: "It was fantastic once again, I arrived at the busiest time and the guys doing the parking were great, it was so well organised. Two happy chilled dogs when we got home, thanks Whitelee."


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While Eileen Russell said her dog Tess was there three nights in a row this week and "made lots of new friends".