Glasgow cafe divides opinion with deep-fried 'salt and chilli breakfast'

A Scots restaurant has launched a gut-busting deep-fried breakfast - including bacon, black pudding, and sausages.

The breakfast. Picture: Brooklyn Cafe
The breakfast. Picture: Brooklyn Cafe

Staff at Brooklyn Cafe, Glasgow, were 'blown away' by the delicacy which also contains potato scone, square sausage, link sausage and mushrooms.

The breakfast items are coated in a flour batter and a traditional Chinese salt and chilli seasoning then deep-fried with spring onions in a wok.

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The popular cafe unveiled the calorific dish at the weekend but has yet to serve any up to hungry customers.

Jonny McDonald, 32, manager at Brooklyn Cafe, said: "We took the salt and chilli revolution to a new level.

"We've have not seen anyone come up with a salt and chilli breakfast so we just thought of doing it.

"It tastes so good. All the staff were speechless when they tried it.

"They were all blown away from it.

"I wasn't too sure at first but even I'm proud of the creation.

"We have not got it on the menu yet. We are still not sure if we will put it on as a full dish.

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"We might have it as a side dish.

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"We've not got a price for it yet but it might be somewhere in the range of £5 to £10.

"We try and do our own unique twists on everything we make.

"We have not got any customers to try it yet but we'll get them to try it today (Mon) and get some feedback.

"Once the menu is ready we will have a few options for customers.

"They will be able to order just a couple of their favourite fry up items or go for a full fry up all done with salt and chilli and finished with an egg on top."

Intrigued customers took to social media to comment on the breakfast, which got a mixed response.

One said: "Wrong on so many levels why ruin a perfect breakfast with this", while another added "sounds great when can I pick it up".

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Jonny said the cafe is also working on a vegan version of the fry up.