Glasgow aims to protect economy post-Brexit by selling city ‘to the world’

Civic leaders are aiming to protect Glasgow’s economy in the wake of Brexit by “selling the city to the world”.

Council bosses are looking to protect Glasgow's economy after Brexit. Picture: Contributed

Politicians, academics, and business leaders will be among those to join a new steering group which will meet quarterly to coordinate a collective response to promoting the city internationally as a place to live and work.

Chaired by the leader of the council, Susan Aitken, the group comprises senior figures from a mix of city organisations with international networks and expertise.

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Council bosses fear “any form of Brexit” could threaten to put it at a serious economic disadvantage in the coming months.

While Glasgow’s financial sector is now among the top 15 most reputable in Europe, a recent council-backed study found that the city must improve its reputation as a “business brand” across international markets.

The Global Glasgow steering group met for the first time last week.

“From sport, arts, culture and nightlife to the unique character of our citizens, the world knows that something is happening in Glasgow,” said Ms Aitken, leader of the SNP group on the council.

“But we also know we continue to struggle to tell the story of our business brand, dynamic economy and record of innovation; all of which are vital elements of a new Glasgow narrative and attributes with which our global peers are increasingly measured by.

“We need to know the story we want to tell and then tell it together, loudly and often.”