Facebook users celebrate St Andrew’s Day - with Romanian flag

FACEBOOK users are today able to send a status update marking St Andrew’s Day - but with a Romanian flag rather than a Saltire.

The status update comes pre-attached with a Romanian flag - and no Saltire option. Main picture: John Devlin

The social networking site has a function allowing users to let their friends know what event they are celebrating, including Christmas, Chinese New Year and Thanksgiving.

And users are able to update their status with a St Andrew’s Day message, but only with the Romanian flag.

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St Andrew is the patron saint of Greece, Russia, Ukraine and Barbados, as well as Romania and Scotland.

But Facebook users appear limited to the Romanian flag, with no option to select any other flag associated with the Saint.

One person claiming to have worked for Facebook in the past wrote online that it wasn’t possible to select Scotland as a target region for advertising campaigns, adding: “We had to campaign for [Facebook] to add Scotland.”

St Andrew is also the patron saint of Sicily, Cyprus, the Greek city of Patras, Amalfi in Italy and the City of Manila in the Philippines.