Woman accused of murdering pensioner Mary Logie with rolling pin

Mary Logie, 82, was found dead in her home in Leven. Picture: Contributed
Mary Logie, 82, was found dead in her home in Leven. Picture: Contributed
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The son of an elderly woman who prosecutors claim was murdered has told a court how his mother always spoke “favourably” about her alleged attacker.

Ronald Logie, 60, told jurors that Sandra Weir, 41, helped his 82-year-old mother Mary with tasks around her house in Leven, Fife.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard yesterday that Mr Logie’s family gave Weir a bottle of whisky as Christmas present in December 2015.

Mr Logie, of Yorkshire, told the court that Mrs Logie would phone him every week and never had a bad word to say about Weir.

He was speaking on the first day of proceedings against Weir who allegedly murdered Mary at her home on 5 January 2016.

Prosecutors claim Weir murdered Mrs Logie by repeatedly striking her on the head and body with a rolling pin.

Jurors had earlier heard the eight charges against Weir, whose address was given in legal documents as being a prisoner of HMP Edinburgh.

She denies charges of murder, drug possession, fraud and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Mr Logie – a retired IT security consultant and the first witness called during the trial – told prosecution lawyer Alex Prentice QC that his mother was an “independent” woman who enjoyed socialising with friends.

However, in recent years Mrs Logie had developed issues surrounding her “mobility.”

During the festive season last year, Mrs Logie was briefly admitted to hospital after taking ill at his home.

He told the court that Weir was his mother’s neighbour and that she often helped her with tasks around her house at Greengates in Leven. Jurors also heard that in recent years Mrs Logie started to develop issues surrounding her ability to cope with money.

Mr Logie told Mr Prentice: “Money went missing and she could not explain it.”

Mr Logie told the court of two occasions on which his mother had problems with money.

Prosecutors claim on various occasions between 1 April 2010 and 17 January 2016, at various locations in Leven, Weir had heroin in her possession. Prosecutors also allege that on various occasions Weir stole from Mrs Logie correspondence and greeting cards containing money.

Another charge states that on 5 January 2016 Weir assaulted Mrs Logie at her home and repeatedly struck her on the head and body with a rolling pin “or similar instrument” and murdered her.

The trial continues.