Why everyone should buy at least one piece of art for their home

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Edinburgh Art Fair gives everyone a chance to buy art for their home, something which everyone should do – no matter budget available - according to these artists and gallery owners

Andy McDougall, Fair Director of the Edinburgh Art Fair says: “I think that art is something that everyone should be allowed to live with. It shouldn’t be an elitist thing. Art is for everyone.

Picture: Wikimedia

Picture: Wikimedia

I think art brings enjoyment to people. I think it brings warmth. Art can take you places, just by looking at a painting it can remind you of a certain time in your life or a certain place. I think everyone should live with art and why not have it on your wall?”

The Edinburgh Art Fair takes place at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange from November 17 to November 19.

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Kate Winskill from 1 of 1 Design agrees: “Many people are nervous of buying art. It doesn’t have to be expensive - great limited edition prints are available on web sites such as DegreeArt.com so you can start buying art from contemporary artists for less than £50.

“Choice of art is an opportunity to show your taste and personality and can be a starting point for the colour and style of a whole room. Bright pieces can really liven up a neutral space and colours chosen from the art work can be replicated in soft furnishings to tie a room scheme together.

“Raph Thomas, a young and increasingly collected artist showing with 1of1 at Edinburgh, has produced a series of Rainbow Animals which are often bought as first pieces by young couples. The mixed media paintings have a broad appeal to every age group, bringing humour and colour into a surprising variety of homes.”

Ellie from Art World Gallery says: “Art is one of the greatest ways to express ourselves. Paintings and sculpture bring atmosphere and warmth into a room. Each of us has our own way to use colour, texture and form, making our home very personal to each of us. It’s when we open the door, especially on a cold winters night, we switch on the lights, we feel the warm glow of the heating and then our personal choice of art works make that space all ours.”

Denise Donnelly from The Doorway Gallery comments: “Paintings add warmth and colour to a room and of course creates the atmosphere and tone of the house. The amount of enjoyment that you can receive from a piece of art is priceless.”

Avril Nicol from &Gallery in Edinburgh says: “Everyone should buy at least one piece of art for their home. Art can be used to make a statement, create mood or define your style. Original artworks bring great pleasure and are there to be enjoyed every day. There is a lot of fun to be had with art and remember art change be changed round allowing you interiors to be refreshed from time to time.”

Ayrshire artist Craig Campbell agrees: “Everyone should buy, or commission, at least one original piece for their home to give it a soul. Original means that it’s unique. It can represent who you are as an individual or as a family. When having friends round it can become a talking point, creating a greater bond and understanding between you and them. When the mood is low it can lift your spirits. When the working days are long it can transport you to a far-off place to relax. Buying original art by a living artist is also supporting their livelihood and rewarding their creativity, that too can be fulfilling in itself.”

This article was produced in partnership with the Edinburgh Art Fair