Why buying a piece of art is an ideal present for your partner

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If you’re struggling to think of a Christmas present for your other half, then why not consider buying some artwork?

From paintings to sculptures, the Edinburgh Art Fair, which starts on November 17, will have something for all tastes.

Picture: Creative Commons

Picture: Creative Commons

Caroline Hay, owner of Art Amatoria in Edinburgh says art is a special gift unlike any other, especially at this time of the year: “It often happens that couples have very different tastes in art and I regularly see the situation when one person loves a particular artwork and the other is indifferent.
“However when it comes together and they both agree the results can be magical. If you choose wisely your other half will be seriously impressed that you understand them and their tastes so well and will always associate that piece with you. My husband recently bought me a little painting by a hitherto unknown artist that I had admired. He isn’t particularly keen on it but he knew that I loved it and now every time I look at it, it brings a smile to my face and reminds me of him.”
Karina Philips, Director of Gallery Different says: “Good art is both emotional and personal. It has the hand of the artist upon it and is invested with all of the emotion and passion of the artist - and then in the hands of the buyer /collector it is also invested with their response to it. In buying that art as a gift for your partner - you make the art part of your story and the story of your relationship and life together.”

The Edinburgh Art Fair takes place at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange from November 17 to November 19.

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Angie Hoa Nguyen, Director of the Hanoi Art House thinks that buying art as a present is very special. “I would recommend both partners go together - it is the present that you both will enjoy - to have fun browsing and making the decision together.
“It’s quite often that our clients buy art as present for their special occasions such as anniversary, Christmas, birthday, Mother’s or Father’s Day, and I think it’s just wonderful. It’s a privilege for us to witness those lovely happy moments.”
Kate Winskill, artist, designer and co-founder of 1 of 1 Design says: “Choosing a piece of art you know your partner loves can demonstrate how much you understand them and gives you something you can both share, hopefully for a lifetime.
“Choosing art for someone else can be daunting but shows such the Edinburgh Art Fair can be a great opportunity to visit together to find a piece of art you both appreciate. They are a chance to meet the artists and get the story behind the work.
“For gallery owners, it’s a thing of really pleasure when we help someone find the right piece of art. Recently, a lovely man bought one of my original mixed media portraits of Debbie Harry for his wife. She’d been a fan of Blondie for years and her husband believed his wife was Debbie’s double - so ticked two boxes.”
Ellie from Art World Gallery says: “Buying a piece of art for one’s partner means you have taken time to think about what makes him/her tick - what will still enrich their life in many years to come. Art should not be something one tires of in a few years.”
Denise Donnelly from The Doorway Gallery in Dublin agrees and has a great festive gifting event, which makes art accessible for everyone: “Buying a painting for a person is the ideal perfect gift as it is a lifetime possession. The Doorway Gallery has a very unique Christmas show as we ask all our artists to paint a certain size canvas and everything must be under €500 so there is something for everyone.”

- This article was produced in partnership with the Edinburgh Art Fair