Scottish cities rank in top five UK visitor destinations

Picture: Justin Spittle
Picture: Justin Spittle
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Edinburgh and Glasgow are among the most UK popular destination for overseas travellers, a study has found.

Scotland’s capital was one of the most frequently visited cities in the UK by tourists, second only to London as the UK’s popular destination for overseas travellers in 2015 according to research by global accomodation,

New York City, USA.

New York City, USA.

Glasgow came in at number five on the list, behind Manchester and Liverpool.

The news comes after Glasgow was named a must visit destination by National Geographic for 2016. The city’s vibrant art and music scene, was hailed as one of the best in the world.

When it comes to going abroad, travellers from the UK were most likely to jet off to the American city of New York.

Home to some of the most iconic sights on the planet and renowned for its expansive assortment of dining options, New York cements the USA at the top spot. However, the Hotel Price Index data has also revealed that Las Vegas is no longer one of the top five most visited cities for UK travellers, having dropped to number nine.

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The Big Apple topped the chart as the destination most visited by Brits in 2015 with Paris following close behind. Despite recent events, the French capital stands strong as a must-see for Brits.

Amsterdam, Dublin and Rome also make up the top five.

The Spanish island of Mallorca grew in popularity throughout 2015, moving from nineteenth to eleventh place on the list of top destinations. With its sunny climate and affordable cost of living, it’s no surprise that it’s a much loved destination of holiday makers.

Lizann Peppard of the brand said, “It has been a jet-setting year for British travellers in 2015, with destinations in Europe, the USA, Asia and the Middle East all in the Top 20. New York was favourite once again, but a number of European destinations proved popular with European capitals continuing to attract travellers. It’s going to be exciting to see what adventures 2016 brings for UK holidaymakers.”

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Top 20 Overseas Destinations for UK Travellers in 2015

2015 Rank (2014 Rank)


1 New York

2 Paris

3 Amsterdam

4 Dublin

5 Rome

6 Barcelona

7 Dubai

8 Berlin

9 Las Vegas

10 Bangkok

11 Mallorca

12 Orlando

13 Hong Kong

14 Madrid

15 San Francisco

16 Venice

17 Istanbul

18 Prague

19 Brussels

20 Singapore

Top UK Destinations For Overseas Travellers in 2015

2015 Rank (2014 Rank)


1 London

2 Edinburgh

3 Manchester

4 Liverpool

5 Glasgow

6 Birmingham

7 Belfast

8 Brighton

9 Aberdeen

10 Oxford

11 Bristol

12 Leeds

13 York

14 Cardiff

15 Cambridge

16 Newcastle-upon-Tyne

17 Bath

18 Inverness

19 Southampton

20 Reading