General Election: ‘Theresa May dead in the water’

Roger Mullin
Roger Mullin
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Theresa May could have written the longest suicide note in history, says Kirkcaldy SNP Candidate Roger Mullin.

The news comes as exit polls showed that the Conservatives, while still the largest party, could lose seats and fall short of an overall majority.

The SNP are also predicted to lose seats, though the exact number has been disputed.

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Mr Mullin, who was previously elected in 2015, said of the battle for the Fife seats: “We knew from our sampling that it would be competitive in all three constituencies.

“But we’ll just have to wait and see.

“On the doorsteps we found people that have seemed well motivated to vote but in a genuine quandary about the situation that they are faced with.

“I think that everybody thought that it was a foregone conclusion landslide victory for the Tories, but the dynamic changed when Theresa May must have run the worst campaign ever from a sitting Prime Minister.

“It was said that in the early 80s Michael Foot wrote the longest suicide note in history, well maybe it wasn’t so long as this one!

“If the exit poll for the UK is correct and she thrown away a 20 point lead, she’s absolutely dead in the water.

“If we in the SNP are set to lose 20 seats I’d feel awful about it, because it would mean 20 very capable people will no longer be there. Who knows whether “I’ll be one of them or not? We shall just just have to wait and see.”

Meanwhile, the Conservative candidate in Kirkcaldy, Dave Dempsey, said that he believes they will come in third place behind Labour and the SNP.

But he is pleased with the progress in a town where they were previously seen as toxic.

“Voters now understand and accept what the Conservative party stands for,” he said. “More and more are supporting our clear stance on the protection of the Union and our opposition to a second independence referendum.

“I’ve campaigned as a Conservative in Fife for 17 years and have never seen the type if support that I have experienced in the last year

“Our policies resonate with more and more voters than I’ve ever experienced before in the doorsteps

“Success at recent council election has continued into this campaign and given us something solid to build on

“We don’t expect to win this seat I’ve nothing to lose but we will secure a solid third place and or message and values are attracting voters that just a few years ago would not have looked at us because of our image with voters in the last.”