Eagle Couriers helps Edinburgh food bank

Eagles Couriers have helped out Broomhouse Food Bank in south west Edinburgh
Eagles Couriers have helped out Broomhouse Food Bank in south west Edinburgh
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Scotland’s largest independent courier has stepped in to ensure a bumper donation to an Edinburgh food bank reaches its destination.

The important cargo of 40 full bags of groceries was donated by the Edinburgh team at Pension and Finance giants Aegon UK, however due to the overwhelming scale of contributions was stuck in the firms’ South Gyle base.

Eagle Couriers were called in to move the food from South Gyle to Broomhouse Food Bank in the south west of the Capital.

The Bathgate based firm carried the job waiving any fee after hearing of the destination and the cause.

Carol Swan, Manager at Broomhouse Food Bank, said: “We rely on kind donations to ensure that individuals that are at the sharp end of cruel cuts don’t forego food.

“It is a week by week process, so we were delighted when hearing of the scale of contribution organised by the charity committee at Aegon.

“This left us with an issue, as we only have a small car at hand – this was why we made contact for Eagle Couriers.

“Considering the size of the contribution we were delighted when the Director contacted me to say they would waive any fee.”

Carol Grassie, Secretary of the Aegon Charity Committee said: “The team at Aegon are always very supportive of local food banks so I am thrilled but not surprised that we managed to donate enough food to completely fill an Eagle Courier van.

“It is also really great to see Eagle Couriers step in to to do the whole job free of charge ensuring that the food bank can spend the money elsewhere and further benefit the people who have unfortunately come rely on it.”