In pictures: 9 of Edinburgh’s lost railway stations

It’s hard to imagine now but Edinburgh was once bound together by more than fifty railway stations in a way that would no longer be possible.

Vandalism at Newhaven Station - View of station

Prior to the the Beeching cuts in the 1960s, there were few districts of the Scottish capital not linked by rail. The cuts were a consequence of the nationalisation of the UK’s railways by the Labour government in 1948 and meant that lines deemed surplus to requirements were wiped from the network.

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Passengers get off the train at Corstorphine Station in Edinburgh, June 1966.
The platforms at Newhaven Station looking west.
Passengers leaving the platform at Morningside Station, Edinburgh in 1961.
Leith Central Station as viewed from Kirkgate flats in the 1960s.
Aerial view of Princes Street Station which closed in 1965.
Murrayfield Railway Station which was closed in 1962 to passengers but used by goods trains.
Craiglockhart Station on Craiglockhart Road.
Pilton Railway Station was part of the suburban line.
In 1961 Murrayburn School pupils boarded a British Rail TV Train bound for St Andrews at Gorgie East Station Edinburgh. The train, equipped with closed-circuit television, allowed the children to be taught as they travelled along.