Edinburgh couple ‘reunited’ with photo of proposal in Iceland

A SCOTS couple have been reunited with a chance photo of their engagement in an Iceland street - after 100,000 people helped find the photographer on social media.

The now-iconic photo of the Reykjavik street, with Michael proposing to Fiona. Picture: Instagram/JRBowe

Michael Kent went down on one knee to ask girlfriend Fiona Newlands to marry him under the Christmas lights in the capital Reykjavik, with American photographer Jessica Bowe happening to snap a photo as it happened.

After Fiona had accepted Michael’s proposal, Jessica ran up to the couple and told them that she had taken a picture of the magic moment.

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Jessica wrote on Instagram: “I was leaving Bravó after a few happy Friday beers and snapping some pics of the lovely falling snow, with Hallgrímskirkja church in view up Skólavörðustígur, on my usual way home when this couple got engaged on the spot.

Fiona Newlands, left, and Michael Kent met up with photographer Jessica Bowe in Iceland. Picture: Instagram/MichaelKent

“I gave them a moment and then asked if they would like to have this picture as a memento.”

But Michael - whose hands were trembling, according to Jessica - entered his email wrongly and didn’t get any contact details from Jessica.

Michael took to Facebook in a desperate attempt to track down the photo.

The 28-year-old wrote: “Dear Internet. Last night I proposed to Fiona Newlands in Iceland. A random woman took our picture as it happened (we didn’t know she was there).

“In the aftermath I didn’t take the ladies contact details and I’m worried I gave her the wrong email. If we could find that picture it’d be incredible. If we can’t find it, that’s life I guess, I’m still very lucky.”

Michael’s message went viral, and was shared and retweeted over 100,000 times in less than 24 hours as the search tugged at the world’s heart strings.

Icelandic community website RVK Grapevine got involved at Jessica’s request and eventually Fiona and Michael were put in touch with Jessica.

Michael said on Facebook: “I can’t believe what’s happened. The woman who took the picture of me proposing to Fiona in the street, posted it online after I put my email in wrong on the night.

“Through me posting on Twitter we were reunited with the photo. I can’t believe it. I f***ing love the internet.”

Jessica told RVK Grapevine: “My intention in the first place was to capture the falling snow in the midst of the twinkling holiday lights.

“Then these two people walked into the street and I thought it would look lovely to have some silhouettes in the frame.

“So I managed to catch a shot right before [Michael] went down on bended knee and then of course the moment it happened.

“It took a few seconds to sink in that I’d just witnessed the biggest moment of their lives.”

Later, Jessica added: “Sometimes, you’re just in the right place at the right time.”