Dads get lessons on how to do their daughters’ hair

Professional stylists to show fathers the ropes.

Dads will be able to get free lessons on how to do their daughter's hair thanks to Dads Rock
Dads will be able to get free lessons on how to do their daughter's hair thanks to Dads Rock

A dads-only nursery group is offering free classes to men on how to do their daughter’s hair.

Its the latest service being offered by Dads Rock, which set up in 2011 to give men a comfortable space where they could take their children.

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Two hairdressers in Edinburgh - Toni and Guy and PatersonSA - are to give their services for free at two workshops to be held in January.

David Marshall, co-founder of Dads Rock, with his daughter Freya, six, and son Finlay

Mr Marshall said he came up with the idea of the hairdressing workshops after approaching a hairdresser friend for tips on how to style the hair of his daughter Freya, six.

He said: “My little girl is six and doing her hair was a bit of a challenge for me. I had to speak to a friend to see how to do it properly.

“We have also been approached by dads saying this is something they would be interested in. It might be their turn to get their kids out the door and to school, mum might be at work or mum might be in bed and all they know what to do is scrape back their daughters hair with a brush.

“They just really want their kids to be presentable and it takes the pressure off female care givers as well. It is something else that they have learned. I know the basics now and comb conditioner through my daughter’s hair.

“When I get home from work I bath my kids and I love it as I am bonding with them and my wife gets a little bit of time to herself.

“Bath time can be very, very stressful for some though.

“We are not trying to change the world here, we just want to make it as relaxing as possible so the kids and relaxed before bed, as are mum and dad or whoever is the carer in the home.”

The highlight of Dads Rock is the sing-song at the end, where Mr Marshall plays guitar. His signature tune is We Are the Champions by Queen.

Dads Rock was set up by Mr Marshall and his friend Thomas Lynch, who decided to create a new type of male-led playgroup where dads could feel comfortable joining in with the activities.

Dads Rock started off running a playgroup but now has extended its work into prisons and to Dads Rock Academy, where children and their parents and carers can learn together how to play a musical instrument.