15 pictures that will make you nostalgic for Edinburgh in the early 00s

From long-lost nightclubs and restaurants to outdated pastimes.

We take a look back at Edinburgh in the 00s.

The Easy Everything internet cafe on Rose Street had more than 400 computers.

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The early 00s was the era of belly button and eyebrow piercings.
Here's hoping it means what you think it does...
Including the infamous 'Shag tag' night at the King Stable's Road venue.
No regrets. You always had fun in the end!
Darios was always open for a late night pizza and questionable wine.
Before Netflix and Amazon Prime there was something exciting about a trip to Blockbuster to mull over the film choices.
Ah Woolies, R.I.P
Impulse body spray anyone?
Meeting your friends at Old Orleans restaurant was as classy as it got.
Bay Trading Company, Kookai, Morgan, it had them all
The cinema changed from the ABC at the start of the millenium.
The best place to spend all your Christmas monies.
Come rain or shine, this George Street establishment was top of the list
The Commie was still the best place for a Sunday swim