Brexit: How Scottish Tory MPs voted on Theresa May’s deal

Borders MP John Lamont was one of Just 38 Tories who changed their minds after voting against the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal in January.

Borders MP John Lamont
Borders MP John Lamont

Mr Lamont said he was now backing the deal to give constituents certainty, despite shortcomings in assurances on the Irish border backstop.

“It is clear that a lack of certainty is the number one concern for many,” Mr Lamont said. “Whether they support leaving the EU with a deal or leaving without a deal, they want to make plans for after Brexit.

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“And people in the Borders are tired of the constant debate about Brexit and just want our country to move on. Clearly, I am disappointed that we have not been able to achieve more significant changes to the Withdrawal Agreement. However, I have a responsibility to my constituents and to businesses in the Borders.”

Moray MP Douglas Ross abstained after his wife went into labour with their first child yesterday morning. Under the rules of a new proxy voting system introduced this year, MPs can have a colleague vote for them, but only if they make a request a day before.

“I know some people will be disappointed that their MP could not vote in this historic debate but I hope people in Moray will understand,” Mr Ross said.

Pro-Brexit Tory Ross Thomson was the only Scots MP to break with his party, and voted against the deal.