Warning issued over batch of Macb water

Food Standards Scotland has issued a warning over a batch of Macb flavoured water.
Food Standards Scotland has issued a warning over a batch of Macb flavoured water.
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Consumers have been advised not to drink a batch of Macb flavoured water following complaints about its taste and smell.

Food Standards Scotland has issued the warning over strawberry and kiwi bottled water as a precaution. The alert came after the agency received numerous complaints.

Cott Beverages, which produces the spring water at its facility in MacDuff, Aberdeenshire, said it had launched a full investigation.

One Facebook user contacted the firm after complaining the product “smelled like paint thinner”.

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Food Standards Scotland said: “Food Standards Scotland is aware of an investigation involving macb flavoured bottled water and is liaising with the food business and relevant enforcement authorities.

“Macb have informed us the products affected are strawberry & kiwi flavoured water. We will continue to work with the business regarding this investigation and further information will be issued as soon as it becomes available.”

A spokesman for Macb said: “We have been made aware of a quality issue relating to our Macb strawberry and kiwi flavoured drink.

“We take our responsibility as a quality soft drink manufacturer very seriously and a full investigation is underway.

“Please be assured that whilst the drink may be unpleasant to taste this is not a food safety issue.

“Anyone with any questions can email our dedicated customer care team at customercare@cott.co.uk.”

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