North Sea pay dispute negotiations break down

Unite 'dismayed' at Wood Group move on workers' pay
Unite 'dismayed' at Wood Group move on workers' pay
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Talks aimed at resolving a pay dispute involving North Sea workers have broken down.

Unite said the Wood Group has refused to reconsider “swingeing” 30 per cent pay cuts on eight of Shell’s North Sea oil and gas platforms.

The breakdown in talks at the conciliation service Acas comes ahead of the result of an industrial action ballot among 200 Unite members on 13 July.

Unite regional officer John Boland said: “Unite is bitterly disappointed and dismayed at the unwillingness of Wood Group to meaningfully negotiate and work with us to reach an agreed settlement.

“The company has refused to move on any of the major issues and seems determined to force this issue into an industrial dispute. We have repeatedly said that our members are not immune to the challenges facing the oil and gas industry but Wood Group must work with us in order to meet them.

“This cannot mean the imposition of swingeing cuts of up to 30 per cent on workers in one of the most challenging environments in the world.”