Balmoral Estate slams ‘thoughtless litter louts’

Balmoral Castle and the River Dee.
Balmoral Castle and the River Dee.
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The Queen’s Scottish estate has criticised “thoughtless litter louts” who dumped rubbish at a popular emergency shelter.

Balmoral Estate in Aberdeenshire posted a furious message on its Facebook page accompanied by images of the litter that had been left at the site.

Items dumped included water bottles, a beer bottle, tissues, pots, a broken tin opener and a hi-visibility vest.

The emergency shelter, called Davy Bourach, was built in 1966 on Jock’s Road above Glen Doll on the estate.

The estate’s Facebook post said: “Davy’s Bourach was built as an emergency shelter in 1966 by the famous hill man Davie Glen.

“It occupies a lofty perch on Jock’s Road, above Glen Doll and, as intended, it has been used in numerous emergencies over the years.

“What a shame to see it abused and spoilt by thoughtless litter louts.”

A number of people commented on the post, shocked by the amount of trash that had been left at the site.

Rory Milne wrote: “I grew up on the estate and know the surrounding area well as a kid. I was shocked last year when I walked some old haunt to see bottles of beer and other rubbish dumped with out a care.

“My simple rule is if you carry it in you can carry it back out.”

And Rachel Clarke said: “I suppose these people ‘believe they spend time in the country therefore we appreciate it’ but have absolutely no respect or idea of what it is to actually love it and protect it for every generation to come.”

Others branded the littering as “disgraceful” and “shameful”.