Shocking video shows huge New Years Eve firework smash into house and explode

Shocking video shows huge New Years Eve firework smash into house and explode
Photo: SWNS

This shocking video captures the moment a New Year’s Eve firework display goes horribly wrong.

A massive rocket can be seen arcing into the front of a house and exploding, setting off a car alarm and filling the front garden with smoke.

Neighbours said the rocket was part of a makeshift display on Hoe Lane in Enfield, London, that misfired.

Olly Anasiz, 21, who lives nearby, saw the incident unfold and took a video on his phone which went viral, with more than 100,000 views on Twitter.

Photo: SWNS

He said: “I saw it happening on the street. One of the fireworks went the wrong way so I started filming. I just thought it would be funny to show my mates.

“But then one went up in the air. I thought it was going to make it over the house at first but then it hit.

“I could see it was dangerous but there was noting I could do to stop them.”

Photo: SWNS

Olly’s sister, who did not wish to be named, was watching with him, added: “The first one went really long, that’s when we started to video.

“I was shocked when I saw one hit the house. I was concerned for the guy who lived inside – he came out screaming and shouting – I think he has two daughters in there.

“Olly’s Twitter is private, we just put it on there to show friends and family – we had no idea it would get picked up by Twitter moments and get 133,000 views.”

What to do if someone is setting fireworks off in your street

If you buy fireworks for personal use, you are only allowed to use them on your private property or property where you have the consent of the landowner.

It is considered a criminal offence to set off fireworks in the street or other public places without permission, and you can contact the police if someone is doing this.

If you want to set them off in a public place for events, such as for a street party, you will need to obtain express permission from the local authority.