Tyson Fury will donate some of his £8 million winnings to help the homeless

Tyson Fury will donate some of his £8 million winnings to help the homeless
The money will go to help homeless and addiction charities (Photo: Shutterstock)

Boxing heavyweight star Tyson Fury has revealed he will donate some of his earnings from last weekend’s fight with Detonay Wilder to help homeless people and people with addictions.

On Saturday (1 Dec) the world of boxing was left stunned as Fury drew with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder in Los Angeles during one of the most exciting boxing matches of the year.

Now the 30 year old Irish British boxer is reportedly going to spend some of his £8 million earnings from the match on building homes for the homeless and setting up funds for people with addictions in the UK.

‘You can’t take it with you’

Explaining his decision, the so-called ‘Gypsy King’ said, “I’m going to give it to the poor and I’m going to build homes for the homeless.

“I don’t really have much use for it, I’m not interested in becoming a millionaire or a billionaire. I’m a boxer not a businessman and I’ll probably go down the same route as every other boxer – skint at the end of it all.

“You can’t take it with you, so I might as well do something with it and help out people who can’t help themselves.”

Homelessness is happening all over the world

The boxer, who is originally from Manchester, explained that his decision to donate millions to charity came after seeing the extent of poverty in California where he has been training.

“When I go home I’m going to build some homes for the homeless and set up some funds for drug addicts and alcoholics,” he said.

“I was always going to do it but being here (in California) gives me that extra push to go and do it even more. It has really opened my eyes to a lot of things and I’m leaving as a better person.

“There are a lot of homeless people on the streets here, more than I’ve ever seen ever in my life. I’m staying in downtown LA but if you go five minutes down the road there’s like – I don’t know – thousands of homeless people.”

Fury added, “I’m just an outsider with an opinion but it’s a situation that is happening all over the world, especially in the UK as well.”

Homeless charity Crisis says that, in 2017, 57,890 households were accepted as homeless in England, 34,100 applications were assessed as homeless in Scotland and 9,210 households were threatened with homelessness in Wales.