The funniest Twitter reactions to Theresa May’s dancing

The funniest Twitter reactions to Theresa May’s dancing
Theresa May's first bout of questionable dancing came earlier in the week in South Africa (Photo: Shutterstock)

Theresa May has been dancing again.

The Prime Minister’s trade tour of Africa has thrown up some rather cringe-worthy footage when Mrs May was captured attempting to replicate the moves of Cape Town schoolchildren earlier this week.

But yesterday she had another attempt at a dance while attempting to mimic the moves of a group of Kenyan scouts.

It’s not the Prime Minister’s job to be fleet-footed of course, but the results were not likely to impress Craig Revel Horwood.

And Twitter waded in hilariously.

‘I’m going to have nightmares’

Some prayed to a higher power to keep the videos away

A robot dance pioneer weighed in…

The latest video got paired with some meme-worthy music

The post-Brexit Macarena?

Could reality shows come calling?



Most took a cynical approach

While others just called it ‘gross’

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