This is the ‘stupid act’ that cost one motorist six points

This is the ‘stupid act’ that cost one motorist six points
Police shared footage of the driver

A careless driver was caught out after his antics were caught on camera by traffic officers.

Video footage recorded by Highways England traffic officers led to a BMW driver admitting a charge of careless driving.

Highways England traffic officers have both front and rear-facing cameras fitted to their vehicles.
Jeremy Dillon, 51, was due to appear at court earlier this month, but admitted the charge by post.

The court heard how, on May 4 at around 5.30pm, the Highways England officers were in a vehicle heading a rolling roadblock put into place to allow an obstruction from the carriageway on the M6 northbound to be removed.

As the officers began the roadblock they noticed a BMW driving very close behind them and switching lanes, giving the officers the impression he was trying to get past.

The driver was seen to remove his hands from the wheel and, at one point, wave both of his arms out of the car window.

Police shared footage of the driver
Police shared footage of the driver

Dillon was subsequently interviewed by Cumbria Police. He initially told officers that he felt his driving was not careless. However, his actions were captured on the Highways England vehicle’s rear-facing camera, near junction 44, near Carlisle.

When Dillon was shown the footage, he accepted the distance between his own car and the Highways England vehicle would amount to driving without due care and attention.

Dillon said he could not recall sticking his arms out of the car window but accepted it was a “stupid act”.

He could not provide a reason for his behaviour other than being annoyed at being held up by the roadblock.

Dillon, of Hespek Raise, Carlisle, was fined £286 and received six penalty points on his licence.