Police hunt dog walker after their van is caught on camera running over pet dog

Police hunt dog walker after their van is caught on camera running over pet dog
Photo: SWNS

Police are hunting a professional dog walker who was caught on a dashcam running over and killing a beloved pet dog in their van during a shocking hit and run.

Graphic footage captured the horrific moment eight-year-old Roxi was mowed down by the vehicle and left for dead in the street.

Owner Sian Giles, 25, said her three-year-old son had been left traumatised after witnessing the entire ordeal unfold at around 1pm on Tuesday.

The vehicle was owned by Dog Days Walking & Training, which states on its website “our philosophy is to treat your dogs as if they are our own”.

But harrowing dashcam footage from Ms Giles’s car showed the driver failing to stop after crushing the animal under its front wheels on a quiet residential street.

Ms Giles says she was forced to scoop up the remains of Roxi, a Jug, a cross between a Jack Russell and a Pug, from the road after she was “literally cut in half”.

She has now reported the matter to West Midlands Police following the tragedy, which took place on Brookside Avenue, in Coventry.


Ms Giles, a full time carer and mother of two, said: “It was like the scene of a horror movie.

“We haven’t slept for days, we are all just constantly reliving it.

“My youngest little boy, whose only three, was with me in the car at the time, so I had to run over there straight away and put a blanket over her just so he wouldn’t see.

“But he could not but help see what happened. I was so upset, my boy just keeps asking about Roxi.

“He says ‘is Roxi getting better?’ and ‘is Roxi coming back from the vets?’ – but we’d only taken her to the vets to get her cremated.

“It would have been better if it had been a different company it would not hurt as much.


“But it was a dog walking van and they say all these things about how they care for dogs on their website.

“My daughter is only six and she is literally heart broken. The minute we brought our daughter from hospital when she was born Roxi would never leave the side of the crib.

“Roxi would never let anyone come near her, she was like a guard dog and they’ve both grown up to be the best of friends, they would just play with each other for hours.

“She was literally a big member of the family.”

The incident occurred after Roxi darted from a front door which was left accidentally left open by Ms Giles’s father-in-law.


Ms Giles, of Coventry, added: “It all just happened so quick.

“I had been picking up Roxi from my father-in-law’s house when she ran out of the front door when he went to get his hat and coat.

“I beeped my horn and you can hear from the footage there’s a loud bang when he hit her, but he didn’t stop.

“He must have hit her with some force because the impact ripped his front licence plate off.

“She is one of the best dogs we ever had and we’ve had a few, she was such as charmer when you spoke to her it was it was like speaking to your children.

“My father-in-law has cancer and Roxi was everything to him and she used to keep him company.

“I have been to the police and sent them the dashcam footage and licence plate.

“The police advised me to contact the company to let them know what had happened. But they have not offered me an apology, it was just a case of point blank denial.”

Jackie Gamble, owner of the Coventry based company, said: “We have been in touch with the police and they have told us not to comment at this time.”