Aldi could face legal action for selling copycat own brand products

Aldi could face legal action for selling copycat own brand products
The Heck sausages, and Aldi' take on chicken chipolatas

For years its own brand products have gone head to head with some of the better known brands on the supermarket shelf but German supermarket chain Aldi could be headed for legal action as producers tire of their budget lookalike products.

The Collective has now become the latest producer to accuse Aldi of copying its product after the supermarket launched their new luxury Moo! Gourmet Yoghurt, which The Collective claim is too similar to their product.

Amelia Harvey, 38, from The Collective told The Sun: “We’ve always been up for healthy competition, but we’re confused why a successful brand like Aldi doesn’t market these ranges under their strong own label brand, rather than deliberately imitating others and causing confusion amongst shoppers.”

Andrew Keeble, cofounder of Heck, is also keen to proceed with legal action after Aldi also launched the Ashfield Farm Italian Style Chicken Chipolatas in a design similar to Heck’s Chicken Italia sausages.

Business bias

Keeble said the law isn’t on the side of small businesses.

“Sadly the current regulation protects the big brands and not necessarily the smaller innovative brands and most importantly the consumers.

“The government legislation is woefully out of date and protects the big fat cat brands and not independently owned businesses that are innovating the market. As part of this campaign we are lobbying our local MP and Michael Gove to review legislation urgently around brand and consumer protection and to review the guidelines around blatant copycatting.”

Keeble added: “We know from our own customer contact that people have complained to Aldi, and if more customers vote with their voice, we will have a strong case to proceed with legal action.”

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However, Aldi has credited “industry-standard colouring” among other reasons for making their own brand products so similar to items from other independent producers.

A spokesperson from Aldi said: “Our customers want a simple shopping experience, so we package our exclusive own-label products in such a way that they are easily recognisable. This includes, for example, using industry-standard colouring on products to save customers time when shopping. We go to great lengths to ensure that we adhere to strict copyright guidelines.”

“Shoppers come to Aldi specifically to buy our exclusive own-label brands. These brands are part of our unique proposition and a key reason why we are the UK’s fastest-growing supermarket. We have not had any complaints from customers who feel they have been misled.”