Five best vegetables to plant in your garden right now

Five best vegetables to plant in your garden right now
Five best vegetables to plant in your garden right now

Pak choi

Pak choi is incredibly easy to grow in Scotland because it is hardier than many other leafy crops, provided it is safe from munching creatures. It’s a great vegetable to have on hand in your patch for salads and stir-fries. It also grows well in the shade and should be well watered because it can sometimes bolt. Pak choi has the best flavour when eaten fresh from the plot so only harvest what you need when you need it.


June is a good time to sow beetroot seeds. They should be ready to harvest in late September or October and they can be stored for the winter if necessary. It’s best to sow beetroot directly into the soil because these seedlings don’t like being transplanted.


This is your last chance to sow late sprouting broccoli seeds and calabrese. You can either grow them in a seedbed for transplanting later or directly into the ground. Calabrese is a crop that prefers to grow in one spot and doesn’t like to be moved once the weather is warm. If you are sowing it directly into the soil, be sure to avoid exposed spots to prevent windrock.

Florence fennel

June is a great time to plant Florence fennel so that you have a supply for early autumn. Watch out for slugs and snails. Fennel leaves are good for making pesto and the seeds are delicious in curries. Birds will enjoy the seeds too.


If you have tomatoes still growing in pots inside, late June is a good time to put them into the ground. You can put them in with an open ended bottle around them to keep them cosy and some varieties will need strong canes for support.

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