Faith in faith

With another of his classic throwaway lines, Alex Salmond manages to dismiss a great swathe of the population 
(“Salmond puts his faith ‘in 
people who have faith’”, your 
report, 4 September).

What an odd thing for a modern politician to say, that he “prefers people of faith to those of no faith or who have lost their faith”.

Of course Mr Salmond has never hid his low regard for those who do not agree with him politically, but he is on thin ice when he extends that into the realm of what people believe in regarding the fundamentals of life.

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The 2011 Scotland census reported that 37 per cent of people self-identified as being of no faith and this category was the fastest growing of any, increasing by 9 per cent between 2001 and 2011.

Surely what we need in Scotland, and indeed on the international stage, is for a welcome and acceptance of all, whatever faith or none that they choose, and no suggestion that any is preferred to the other.

Given he has the SNP’s foreign affairs brief at Westminster you would have thought Mr Salmond would have been a little more circumspect with his thoughts.

Keith Howell

West Linton