Zoo nets penguin watchers

PENGUIN chicks at Edinburgh Zoo are proving a huge attraction online.

After a successful mating season for the gentoo penguins at Edinburgh Zoo, the first chicks, which hatched from 7 May, are now growing fast and taking their first steps.

More than 123 eggs were laid and so far 52 have hatched, with 45 surviving. With the ages of chicks varying, the older ones are now becoming more independent and adventurous while others are still to hatch.

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They have been a huge success on the online penguin cam, as well as with visitors.

Roslin Talbot, head keeper of penguins, said: "Penguin chicks are adorable and are really just small, unstable versions of their parents with more fluffy juvenile feathers.

"Over the coming weeks, as the younger chicks catch up with the older ones, there'll be lots of amusing waddling and exploring."