Zapcats make a big splash as thousands enjoy racing

IT WAS a case of sun, showers and spray for revellers yesterday as they enjoyed a fast-paced day of powerboat racing.

Thousands of onlookers, ranging from families enjoying a day out to boat enthusiasts, gathered from noon to watch the Zapcats zoom across the waters at Leith Docks, outside Ocean Terminal.

Around 21 teams, most of them from the south of England, raced at speeds of up to 40mph as they took part in 32 heats across the two-day event, with Bladerun – Justin Whithorn and Chris Baldwin – the eventual Grand Prix winners.

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Visitors standing close to the action got a soaking as they witnessed the powerboats perform tricky manoeuvres around the buoys marking the racecourses.

The windy weather yesterday provided an extra element of excitement as boats bounced and sprayed the audience.

There were some close finishes over the weekend and a spectacular flip by Bluesheets II.

Ocean Terminal reported its busiest day of the year to date after the racing kicked off on Saturday.

It is believed that the event will return for a third time next year.

An audience of 10,000 Zapcat fans also watched the action online as it was streamed live.

Commentator Anton Roberts said it had been a successful two-day show. He said: "We've had a lot of good weather and even the wet and windy weather has served us well because it meant more bumps, more thrills and more spills.

"The wind gets under the boats and lifts them up and you get a bit of spray going.

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"There's been a lot of foot traffic down here and everybody has enjoyed watching the show."

Onlookers experienced their own extreme fun at M&D's theme park opposite the Terminal, with several rides.

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