Youngest Scottish mum is expecting second baby

THE teenager who became Scotland’s youngest mum when she gave birth at 12 has revealed that she is expecting her second child.

Tressa Middleton, now 18, gave up her first child for adoption after she fell pregnant aged 11, after she was raped by her brother, Jason.

He was jailed in 2009 when he admitted the rape, which he had committed at the age of 16.

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Tressa, of Bathgate in West Lothian, was reported today as saying she was “excited” at the news that she was to become a mother again.

The former drug addict claimed she is now better equipped to have a child with her partner Darren Young.

She said: “I can’t explain how chuffed we are and it couldn’t have come at a better time – eight months clean and still going strong.

“I was too young to be a mum. I feel ready now. My daughter can’t be replaced, but this is a second chance.”

She added: “My daughter is six now and at school. I plan to tell baby all about her big sister.

“I hope we can all meet as a family one day, but meanwhile I will be the best mum that I can be.”