Young film directors get red carpet treatment at screening

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IT was a glitzy movie premiere like any other, complete with sharp suits and fabulous frocks.

But the stars stepping out on the red carpet at the Capital's Filmhouse yesterday were far from being Hollywood A-listers.

Instead, 400 youngsters from a local primary school brought a touch of glamour to Lothian Road as they staged their very own film festival.

The whole of Wardie Primary School came out for the screening of six films made by the pupils and a selection of commercials and trailers made with the help of local computer effects company CGI Media.

Among those taking part was Calum Sandison, eight, who helped make the film Time Travel Trip. He said: "It was great fun and it got the whole school involved. The bit I enjoyed most was filming the battle scenes."

Annie Tring, eight, who worked as a props manager for the thriller I Spy With My Little Eye, was equally enthusiastic. She said: "It was brilliant. Seeing our films up on the big screen was the best part for me."

As well as the help of staff, the pupils were able to take advice from stars such as Trainspotting actor Ewen Bremner and comedian Gordon Kennedy.

The students learned everything from storyboarding and scripting to filming, acting and editing. Their films ranged from a documentary about the school, based on Channel 4 show Grand Designs, to a short James Bond-style spy thriller.

There was also a brief guide to France and the UK, a hard-hitting road safety drama called No Second Chances and a time travel spectacular featuring a re-creation of the Battle of Culloden.

Teacher Fiona Marjoribanks, who helped to organise the film projects and the screening at the Filmhouse, said she had been amazed at the way the children had taken to it.

"More than anything, we found it encouraged them to take more of an interest in their classes and they were always wanting to find out more," she said.

"Getting help from people like Ewen Bremner was great, and the kids have done a fantastic job, so we wanted to bring them all here to give them a chance to experience their very own red carpet event."

The films will be screened for parents and teachers at the school next week and there are plans for an Oscars-style awards ceremony.

Beverley Nicolson, education co-ordinator at the Filmhouse, said: "This has been amazing, and it is the first time we have had a whole school come down here for a screening.

"The most incredible thing is that they have done all of this themselves."