You’re morons – Bill Murray not lost in translation

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HOLLYWOOD actor Bill Murray turned on the Scottish media yesterday, voicing his annoyance at “moron” reporters during his star turn at the pro-am Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in St Andrews.

The Lost in Translation star left no mistaking the interpretation of an on-camera rant captured shortly before tee-off at the Old Course tournament.

Bill Murray has had some unusual exchanges with reporters during his stay in Scotland

Bill Murray has had some unusual exchanges with reporters during his stay in Scotland

The interview went viral soon after being posted on social media forum YouTube.

Murray, a keen golfer, made his dislike for the gathered media scrum clear after being approached for an interview by an unidentified television


The actor urged the journalist to take his female colleague to the beach rather than disrupting Murray’s own golf game.

He said: “Your idiot interviews here have got to stop now. I’m going to take a break from it because it’s going to ruin my golf day.

“I’ll let you talk to another moron. What’s with you guys? Why aren’t you having fun?”

Murray appeared non-plussed when the Scottish reporter stressed he was not a moron.

“I’ve just had my moron for today,” Murray vented.

“If you’re a moron too, what am I going to do? What am I going to do? Say you’re a moron? And then what do you do?

“[It’s] non-stop… God damn it, you’re shameless, you really are.”

Murray quickly cooled down after speaking to a course attendant and apologised.

“I just had a bad time with that one,” Murray said, referring to an earlier interview.

“She was rough, rough. And I had a worse time with a guy yesterday. Fifty questions, like 50 questions in a monotone. I was like God, does your dog ever find you boring? Good grief.”

The grouchy exchange was reminiscent of Murray’s best-loved on-screen characters, including sardonic, self-absorbed TV meteorologist Phil Connors from Groundhog Day.

Murray was due to team up with English pro David Howell as part of a four-ball competition with US Ryder Cup player Dustin Johnson and his brother Austin Johnson.

The Oscar nominee, who is also famed for his leading roles in movies such as Ghostbusters and golfing comedy Caddyshack, is an annual visitor to Scottish courses.

He plays off an eight handicap and regularly competes in pro-am charity events, such as the St Andrews tournament.

An Alfred Dunhill Links Championship spokesman said: “There was a misunderstanding. It all ended very amicably, however, and as you can see on the film Bill did give them a full interview.”

Murray was sharing the limelight with several stars of Europe’s dramatic Ryder Cup victory, including Scot Paul Lawrie and Germany’s Martin Kaymer, who holed the winning putt at Medinah.

In a separate interview, Murray later joked America would get its Ryder Cup revenge on Europe “probably in 2066”.

He said: “We did it to you guys once and it came back so I think you guys, the Europeans, got the revenge.”

Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius, English cricket legend Sir Ian Botham and 18-times Olympic gold medallist Michael Phelps were also among participating celebrities.