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Four killed in missile attack

A MISSILE strike killed four foreign Islamist militants south of Somalia’s capital yesterday, according to reports.

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The attack came a day after the Somali prime minister called for air strikes against the al-Shabaab rebel group.

Residents reported a large explosion which destroyed a car in the early hours in an area between Mogadishu and the port town of Marka.

“A very senior Egyptian was killed. Three Kenyans and a Somali also died,” an official said.

Locals in central and southern Somalia regularly report unmanned drones and warplanes flying overhead.

Mali refugees now total 130,000

THE UN’s refugee agency says about 130,000 people have been uprooted by violence in Mali, and more than half have fled abroad. Almost 29,000 Malians have arrived in neighbouring Niger since mid-January.

Spokesman Adrian Edwards said 23,000 Malians have registered as refugees in Mauritania and a further 17,500 have sought refuge in Burkina Faso. Some 60,000 are displaced inside Mali.

Pakistan calls for Taleban peace talks

PAKISTAN made its first public appeal for the Taleban to participate in peace talks with the Afghan government yesterday.

The Pakistani prime minister was responding to a request by Afghanistan’s president for Islamabad to support the peace process. Kabul wants Pakistan to facilitate access to Taleban leaders believed to based on its soil, including chief Mullah Omar.

Disabled protesters arrested by police

DISABLED protesters have clashed with police in Bolivia’s capital during a demonstration demanding that the government pay them an annual subsidy.

At least four people have been detained.

The group began it’s protest trip to demand that Bolivia’s government pay disabled people at least 3,000 bolivianos (£271) a year.

‘Slave master’ senator on trial

A BRAZILIAN senator who allegedly kept workers in slave-like conditions will go on trial.

The high court said that it will rule on the charges against Senator Joao Ribeiro, who allegedly kept more than 30 workers in miserable conditions on his ranch.

As a senator, Ribeiro can only be tried by Brazil’s highest court.

Progress on nuclear talks in Beijing

AMERICAN diplomats said they made “a little bit of progress” in negotiations with North Korea on restarting nuclear disarmament in return for aid yesterday.

The talks, held in the Chinese capital Beijing, were the first since the death two months ago of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.