Wife and marine lover charged with trying to murder husband

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AN ARIZONA woman and her US marine corps lover have been charged in a murder plot to kill her husband, also a marine, at a Kuwaiti air base, and blame it on a terrorist attack.

Wendy Glass, 33, was indicted by a grand jury with Chief Warrant Officer Larry Framness, 36, for a grenade attack on her husband, James "Houston" Glass.

Mr Glass, 37, suffered shrapnel wounds in the neck, legs and back on 14 May when Framness - stationed at the same base - lured him into a guard shack and tossed a grenade inside, it is alleged. He has since recovered.

Framness and Wendy Glass met and socialised with their spouses before they began a sexual relationship in November 2001, it is claimed. Framness was divorced in May 2002 but the lovers later began plotting to kill James Glass and claim his life insurance and benefits. They twice tried to get him drunk and drive him off the side of a cliff in California, it is alleged.

In January 2003 the two marines were dispatched to Camp Snake Pit at Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait.

Authorities say Glass telephoned Framness and then her husband to wake them up. Framness took Mr Glass to a guard station where they sat briefly before he found an excuse to go outside and then allegedly tossed the grenade in.