Why are Donald Trump’s tweets worse on a Saturday?

Trump with his daughter (AP Photo)
Trump with his daughter (AP Photo)
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When Donald Trump tweeted that his daughter Ivanka “always pushes me to do the right thing” - he may have been giving away more than he intended to.

Trump’s glamorous daughter, from his first wife Ivana, has often been touted as the biggest asset to the US President, even while his campaign controversies raged.

At 35, Ivanka has been touted as taking on an unofficial First Lady role while Melania stays in New York.

She may not be his eldest child, but she is undoubtedly the favourite, given top roles in the Trump organisation, and encouraged and helped to start her own fashion line.

What is undeniable is the crucial role that she played in his successful campaign to reach the White House.

With an image problem among women from his days as a self-confessed womaniser, and his history of derogatory comments, Trump needed Ivanka to help project a more wholesome image.

Donald Trump (Picture: Alex Brandon)

Donald Trump (Picture: Alex Brandon)

With her photogenic family and her forceful defences of her father as scandal over his treatment mounted, she did a sterling job.

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Her husband, Jared Kushner, also does a sterling job, as a key adviser to the President, he is often rated to have more of Trump’s trust than even controversial Steve Bannon.

But it is a job that Kushner and Ivanka Trump can only do six days a week due to their religion.

And that presents a huge issue for Trump.

Both are consider moderating influences on the President. Not least on his errant tweeting, with targets from the intelligence community to random celebrities facing his ire.

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It also hasn’t taken long for shrewd observers to note that a lot of Trump’s most controversial posts come in the house between sundown on Friday and sundown on Saturday.

His broadside against reporting of his inauguration crowds, the bungled promotion of his ‘Muslim ban’ and even his attack on war hero John McCain, all came in that time period.

As an orthodox Jewish couple, Kushner and Ivanka Trump stricty observe Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath.

Their strict adherence to religious law means that they undertake no work on that Saturday, and have to switch of all work devices.

Ivanka, a convert to the religion, has spoken before of how she feels Shabbat helps her become a better parent, due to the uninterrupted family time it allows for.

But she can’t spend time helping her most famous family member moderate his tweets, and to many, it is just a matter of time before Trump says something on a Saturday that could be a fatal error.