Wartime diary of Hitler adviser Rosenberg recovered

Nazi Alfred Rosenberg was executed in 1946. Picture: Getty
Nazi Alfred Rosenberg was executed in 1946. Picture: Getty
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american federal authorities say they have recovered hundreds of pages from the wartime diary of Alfred Rosenberg, a Nazi party official and key adviser to Adolf Hitler.

The Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department yesterday announced the recovery of some 400 handwritten pages from the diary.

Rosenberg was convicted of war crimes at the Nuremberg trials after the Second World War and was executed in 1946.

Officials said his diary was among several documents kept by Robert Kempner, a US government lawyer during the Nuremberg trials who died in 1993.

Acting upon information they received last November about the diary, authorities 
recently seized the missing pages after locating them in New York state.

A statement read: “Its (the diary’s) discovery will undoubtedly give scholars new insight into the politics of Nazi leaders and fulfils a museum commitment to uncover evidence from perpetrators of the Holocaust.”