Warning 'Del Boy' gifts could help al-Qaida

DODGY Christmas presents bought from "Del Boy" traders could help to fund al-Qaida, it was claimed today.

Proceeds from goods including fake Harry Potter merchandise and counterfeit designer clothes could be funnelled to Osama bin Laden’s network and other terror groups, the Anti-Counterfeiting Group warned.

John Anderson, director general of the ACG, which represents manufacturers, distributors, licensees and retailers , said: "It may look like a bargain - but what value do you place on the safety of your loved ones?

"Ultimately, we all pay the price if we continue to allow terrorists to fund their operations through counterfeiting."

Recent investigations in Italy claim that al-Qaida has been funding itself through sales of counterfeit cosmetics and fragrances including Armani, Chanel, Head & Shoulders and Olay cream, he said.

A shipment of these fake products, which was seized in Denmark en route from Dubai, was on its way to the UK.