Vanished millionaire found – with new family

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A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE with Alzheimer’s who vanished from his home in Germany two years ago has turned up in neighbouring Austria – with a new family and in a new life.

Now the original abandoned family of Georg Luxi are suing to try to prevent the new clan from inheriting his vast fortune, which is estimated to be worth the equivalent of £7 million in cash and property.

The question for investigators now is; just how real is Mr Luxi’s illness, or was his vanishing act a brazen attempt to sever himself from his old life in an effort to start afresh?

He disappeared from his home in Deggendorf, Bavaria, on 15 December 2010, sparking a massive hunt by police and his daughters, Eveline Angerer, 61, and Gabrielle, 55.

Some months ago, following an anonymous tip-off, they traced him with to Austria where he has been living with a new wife, Christa. He is stepfather to her son, Joseph, from a previous marriage.

Mr Luxi’s daughters this week filed a lawsuit in Germany against Christa and Joe – whose surnames do not appear on court papers – claiming embezzlement and false imprisonment.

They claim the mother and son effectively “kidnapped” their father, who they say suffers from Alzheimer’s, and brainwashed him into leaving them all his money. They say they have evidence that he has signed over all the properties to them and 
€1 million in cash.

As well as his extensive savings, former fruit wholesaler Mr. Luxi, 86, has seven luxury properties in Germany.

Media reports said he met Christa after his first wife passed away in the early 1990’s, but in 2005, Eveline says his mind began to deteriorate, and he began forgetting basic facts about her, such as what she did for a living and even her age.

He began going missing from home saying he was going walking before vanishing for good two years ago. A letter signed by him was delivered to his daughter saying he was “sorry” about being difficult and pledging to “write again if I have time”.

In the following months, he sent a handful of letters, including one cancelling plans to spend Christmas with his daughters. Then his correspondence abruptly ended.

But while the handwriting was his, Eveline and Gabrielle claim the words and phrases in his final letters appeared “less and less familiar, as though they had been dictated to him”.

They filed a missing persons report in December 2010 and, in January 2012, a court in Deggendorf ruled him to be in “imminent danger” and expressed “real doubts over the honesty” of Christa and Joseph.

Eveline says she has all but given up hope of seeing any of her father’s fortune, and says she just wants to see him again – but his new family say he wants “nothing to do with them,” and will not even reveal where he is.

“We are broken with grief,” Eveline said. “My father needs help.”