US police officer shot by man ‘acting in name of Islam’

Police investigators at the scene on the shooting  in Philadelphia. Picture: AP
Police investigators at the scene on the shooting in Philadelphia. Picture: AP
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US police have said the suspect in the shooting of a Philadelphia police officer told investigators he shot the officer in the name of Islam and pledged allegiance to Islamic State.

They also say the suspect, identified as 30-year-old Edward Archer, used a stolen police gun in the shooting late on Thursday.

The officer has been identified as Officer Jessie Hartnett. He was shot three times in the arm as he sat in his police car.

Officer Hartnett, 33, who is in a stable condition, fired back and wounded the suspect.

Police say the man fired a total of 13 shots that hit the officer and his car.

Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross said: “He has confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of Islam.” Police said there was no indication anyone else was involved.

Officer Jesse Hartnett shouted, “I’m bleeding heavily!” into his police radio, got out of his car and chased the suspect before police apprehended him.

The gunman fired at least 13 shots toward Hartnett and eventually reached through the driver’s-side window. The officer returned fire, hitting his attacker at least three times.

It is understood the gun used by Archer was stolen from an officer’s home in 2013.

Jim Kenney, in his first week as mayor of the nation’s fifth-largest city, said, “There are just too many guns on the streets, and I think our national government needs to do something about that.”

His statement comes after President Barack Obama’s announcement of his plan to tighten gun control laws.

He accused the National Rifle Association (NRA) of peddling an “imaginary fiction” that he said has distorted the national debate about gun violence.

Taking the stage at George Mason University in Virginia, he said that he’s always been willing to meet the NRA – if they’re willing to address the facts.

He said the NRA was invited to the forum but declined to participate.

“There’s a reason why the NRA’s not here. They’re just down the street,” Obama said, referring to the group’s nearby headquarters. “Since this is a main reason they exist, you’d think that they’d be prepared to have a debate with the ­president.”