UN accuses Rwanda of aiding M23

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A UNITED Nations report released yesterday says the Rwandan military is commanding and supporting the M23 rebel force.

The highly anticipated 
report says: “The government 
of Rwanda continues to 
violate the arms embargo by 
providing direct military support to the M23 rebels, facilitating recruitment, encouraging and facilitating desertions from the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and providing arms, ammunition, intelligence and political advice.”

The report also says: “The de facto chain of command of M23 includes General Bosco Ntaganda and culminates with the Minister of Defence of Rwanda, General James Kabarebe.”

The report also accuses Uganda of involvement. Uganda had threatened to pull its troops out of UN peacekeeping operations if it was named in the report.

The UN accuses M23 of grave crimes including recruiting child soldiers, summary executions and rape.

The UN report says: “Senior officials of the government of Uganda have also provided support to M23 in the form of direct troop reinforcements in Congolese territory, weapons deliveries, technical assistance, joint planning, political advice and facilitation of external relations.”

The report adds: “Both governments have also co-operated to support the creation and expansion of the political branch of M23 and have consistently advocated on behalf of the rebels.”