Transsexual Polish MP loses deputy speaker bid

Anna Grodzka was first election in 2011. Picture: AP
Anna Grodzka was first election in 2011. Picture: AP
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POLAND’S first transsexual MP Anna Grodzka has lost her bid to become a deputy speaker in parliament.

Grodzka, who attracted huge attention when she was elected in 2011, was the focus of headlines in recent days when she became a potential candidate for the post.

But Parliamentarians voted today to instead keep incumbent Wanda Nowicka in place.

the 58-year-old has already had a huge impact on the political scene, becoming perhaps the most prominent symbol of liberal change in a traditionally conservative and largely Roman Catholic country.

Ms Grodzka became a candidate for a deputy speaker post after Ms Nowicka drew criticism for accepting a bonus of 40,000 zlotys (£9,600) for her work as a leader in the legislature last year.

The bonuses have been controversial because they come as Poland’s economy faces a slowdown and the government raises taxes and forces other austerity measures on the public.

Politicians, however, voted overwhelmingly against a proposition to dismiss Ms Nowicka. Ms Nowicka then addressed the assembly, saying she was encouraged by their support and that she would not resign. A prominent activist who has worked for years for women’s causes, Ms Nowicka said there was no merit to the case against her and that she still had work to do for women and her constituents.