Thousands of
litres of wine
down drain

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Vandals have destroyed more than 62,000 bottles worth of Brunello di Montalcino of the exclusive Soldera label at the Case Basse vineyard and estate in Tuscany, Italy.

In what the owners have branded as an act of Mafia-style intimidation, the vandals opened the spigots of ten barrels of the produce of the last six years and let the wine go down a drain.

They broke into the estate on Sunday night, and when workers walked into the cantina on Monday they found nothing left of six years’ work but puddles of red liquid on the floor.

The total amount lost, according to a Soldera family statement yesterday, was 62,600 litres.

A bottle of Soldera starts at about €110 (£90).

“I have never received any threats. I have absolutely no idea why this happened or who could have done it,” winery founder Gianfranco Soldera, 75, said.

“This is beyond me. I can’t get into the minds of the people who did this but I guess if someone plans to intimidate me it has to start somehow,” he added.

Mr Soldera runs the estate with his wife, his two children, his grandchildren and about 15 full-time employees.