Syrian rebel groups to name prime minister

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SYRIAN opposition leaders will meet in Istanbul, Turkey, on March 2 to choose a prime minister to head a provisional government that would operate in rebel-controlled areas of their country, a coalition source said yesterday.

The move is aimed at halting a slide into chaos in regions captured by insurgents and is
estimated to comprise more than half of the country, although exiled leaders exert little control over rebels in Syria.

The date was set after a compromise was struck within the Syrian National Coalition between a bloc that includes the powerful Muslim Brotherhood and others who favour speedy formation of a government, the source said at the end of a two-day meeting of the coalition in Cairo.

“A compromise was reached. The coalition agreed to meet again in Istanbul exclusively to choose a prime minister.”

Meanwhile, activists said three missiles hit residential areas of the northern city of Aleppo yesterday, killing at least 12 civilians.

Footage posted on the internet claimed to show the aftermath, with a wide area reduced to rubble.