Surviving students may never go back to Sandy Hook Elementary School

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The children who survived will not have to return to the scene of the massacre when Sandy Hook Elementary School reopens later this week, and instead will attend classes in a neighbouring Connecticut town, school officials said yesterday.

It remains unclear when the 436 surviving students at Sandy Hook will return to class, but when they do it will be in an unused school about seven miles to the south in Monroe, Newtown School superintendent Janet Robinson said.

“The town of Monroe has graciously offered their Chalk Hill School,” Ms Robinson said. “This facility, which is currently not being used, is
in excellent condition and will accommodate all of the Sandy Hill School students and staff.

“It is located just across the border from Newtown and should be ready for occupancy in just a few days’ time.”

All seven of Newtown’s public schools, which serve more than 5,100 students, as well as private schools in the district, will be closed today, school officials said.

Officials were scrambling for ways to accommodate surviving students from what had been the town’s largest primary school, serving children aged from five to ten.

Lieutenant George Sinko of the Newtown police said he doubted whether the school could ever be used again.

“At this time it’s too early to say,” he said. “But I would find it very difficult for them to do that.

“Certainly, that’s one of the things they’re going to have to look into.”