Surgery for king after breaking hip

SPAIN: King Juan Carlos of Spain has undergone hip replacement surgery following a fall on a private trip to Botswana.

The king, above, suffered a triple fracture of the hip, which the royal palace said was “linked to arthritis”.

This is the fourth operation the 74-year-old king has had in the past two years.

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Earlier this week, his 13-year-old grandson was treated in hospital after shooting himself in the foot.

King Juan Carlos underwent surgery yesterday at the San Jose Hospital in Madrid. The palace said: “Juan Carlos had suffered a fracture of his right hip in three pieces, linked to arthritis. A reconstruction of the parts of the fracture was carried out and a hip implant installed.”

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The palace added that the fall was “accidental” but gave no further details, although the Spanish daily El Pais said the king was hunting elephants at the time.