Sex change approval for orphan in landmark case

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A teenaged orphaned girl in Australia has been authorised to start hormone treatment to become a boy, despite having “no parents” to consent to the decision in a landmark legal case.

The 13-year-old orphaned girl, known as “Lucy”, has lived as a boy since the age of four. She will start treatment in New South Wales after a Family Court judge found her guardian didn’t need the court’s permission for the procedure to be authorised.

Justice Peter Murphy made the decision after finding the process would ease the mental trauma Lucy would experience from gender dysphoria - a medical condition where she was born a female but identifies and behaves as a male.

The judge concluded the procedure, known as “stage 1” treatment, didn’t need the court’s approval because it was a therapeutic treatment for Lucy’s medical condition which would prevent her from developing a “psychiatric disorder.”

Lucy has identified as a boy since age four and will now receive injections of an oestrogen restricting substance known as Lucrin to put the puberty process “on hiatus.”

Experts said the case sets a precedent where families will no longer have to go to the Family Court to get permission to undergo “stage 1” treatment - the first step of the transformation process.