Scottish six to feature in new Crimestoppers campaign

Rezgar Zengana. Picture: Crimestoppers
Rezgar Zengana. Picture: Crimestoppers
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Six of Scotland’s most wanted men are among a number of high-profile fugitives featuring in a new Crimestoppers 

Their faces will be broadcast across the UK as three vans fitted with video screens travel 800 miles to mark 10 years of the charity’s “Most Wanted” online gallery.

Jonathan Kelly. Picture: Crimestoppers

Jonathan Kelly. Picture: Crimestoppers

The gallery includes Derek McGraw Ferguson, 51, who is being sought in connection with the murder of Thomas Cameron at a pub in Bishopbriggs near Glasgow in 2007.

Earlier this year, he featured as part of Operation Captura, an initiative by Crimestoppers and the National Crime Agency to find British fugitives hiding in Spain.

Also being hunted is Iraqi-born Rezgar Zengana who went on the run after being convicted of raping a young woman in Glasgow while posing as a private hire taxi driver.

Jonathan Kelly, 33, who has been on the run since breaching his prison release conditions in September 2014, is also on the list.

Derek McGraw Ferguson. Picture: Crimestoppers

Derek McGraw Ferguson. Picture: Crimestoppers

Kelly has served time in prison for a number of violent offences, including a machete attack which left his victim ­paralysed.

The campaign comes a decade after Crimestoppers’ Most Wanted online gallery was launched in the UK. To date, the site has listed a total of 12,524 appeals – 3,589 of which have been arrested.

Lord Ashcroft, founder and chair of Crimestoppers, said: “Most Wanted continues to be a success a decade after we launched it and we wanted to celebrate this milestone.

“A huge number of those who have been listed on the website have been arrested over the years and we hope this Most Wanted tour of the UK will increase that number.

“The digital screens will be hitting the streets, possibly going in to the cities and towns where these suspects are hiding.

“We urge the public to have a look at those screens when they pass by and, if you recognise any of the faces, contact Crimestoppers anonymously.”

Notable successes include the case of Jakub Tomczak, wanted in connection with the rape of a woman in Exeter in 2006. A reward of up to £10,000 was put up for information that led to his arrest and conviction.

He was caught and given two life sentences after a member of the public - who donated the reward to the victim - answered the appeal.

Chief Inspector Scott Tees said: “Police Scotland is delighted to be supporting Crimestoppers and to help them celebrate a decade of this successful campaign.

“The success of their Most Wanted campaign has led to several fugitives from Scotland being brought to justice.”

One of the Crimestoppers vans will be located in Glasgow’s Argyle Street before touring the city and Edinburgh in the coming days.