Scots who bet on Trump presidency donate winnings to charity

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)
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KIND-hearted Scots who bet on a Donald Trump presidency have donated their winnings to a refugee charity.

Several Scots bet on Trump to win the presidential election after being tipped off by comedian Limmy and have so far donated £1,500 to Glasgow-based charity Refuweegee.

The trend started after Glasgow man Andrew Brown bet £100 on the Republican to win the election, at odds of 5/1.

He decided to donate his £500 profits to the organisation because they are the “exact opposite of what Trump believes in”.

Refuweegee said the donation was the single biggest they had received in their 10-month history, and hoped his kind gesture would create a “ripple effect”.

Another user, Ricardo de Blanche tweeted his slip, showing £40 takings from the same bet, and wrote: “You know what, good shout. I’m in and going to do the same thing. Every penny counts.”

Roy Deadman then did the same, but had won £421.93. He said: “Inspired by Limmy, donated my Trump bet winnings, thanks for giving me the idea.”

Another tweeter, known monomously as Brian, said: “I only won £4 but better in their pocket than in mine.”

Andrew Brown, an auditor with KPMG, said he had a “horrible feeling” that Trump was going to win the election.

The 33-year old, who is from Edinburgh and now lives in Glasgow, thought the money would ease the pain if he was proved correct.

But when he woke up to find that Trump had won, he decided to take a different approach.

He said: “I started thinking what kind of charity stands for the exact opposite of what Donald Trump believes in... and then saw a tweet from a friend asking for donations for Refuweegee.

“I had a look at the website and it ticked all the boxes.”

Refuweegees tweeted in response to the donations: “Hugely appreciated and once again we’re bowled over/reduced to tears by people’s kindness.”

Selina Hales, the founder of Refuweegee, said: “This fits so well with our response to Trump winning the election, which is, ‘Let’s not whine, let’s organise. Let’s respond in the way we can.’

“We have been running for ten months and we rely entirely on crowdfunding and donations.

“Andrew’s is the single biggest donation we have had. We’ve had one man donate just £4, and others donate hundreds. Every penny counts.”

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