Sack cabinet, army is urged

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has called on the ruling generals to sack the military-appointed interim government, saying it has failed to manage the deteriorating security and economic situation in the country.

The Islamic fundamentalist Brotherhood controls nearly 50 per cent of the seats in the new parliament, by far the single largest bloc to emerge from Egypt’s fairest elections in decades.

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Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan said the military should appoint a Brotherhood representative as prime minister, who would then form a new government.

The calls for sacking the cabinet, headed by premier Kamal el-Ganzouri, comes after a football riot last week left 74 dead and sparked days of clashes between protesters and police.

“We call on the military council to sack this government that has failed to handle this big event and to form another government,” said Mr Ghozlan. “If there is a government in place that is really backed by the people, it will act without regard for any pressure from anyone.”