Oscar risks losing his prosthetic legs if held a prisoner

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OSCAR Pistorius could have his prosthetic legs removed and be told he must use a wheelchair if not granted bail and sent to one of South Africa’s most notorious jails.

A leading South African criminologist has even said she fears for his safety should he be locked up in Pretoria Central Prison.

Laurie Pieters said: “Prison in South Africa is notoriously a very dangerous place. If any person with a disability entered, they would be targeted. 

“I don’t know what sort of facilities they have in prison for handicapped people. The chances are they would have to take his prosthetic limbs because, in an open population situation, those would be weapons to other prisoners.

“He would then most probably have to spend time in a wheelchair, which would make him an easier target.”

Ms Pieters’ assessment highlights why Pistorius’s lawyers are battling to keep the Paralympian out of prison.

The giant facility on the outskirts of the city crams 17 narrow bunk beds into communal cells measuring around 100ft by 30ft.

Inmates wear bright orange robes, sleep in airless cells and some claim to live in constant fear of violence and rape.