Opus Dei sues over card game

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Opus Dei, the powerful organisation within the Catholic Church, is suing a Danish 
publisher for alleged trademark violations involving a card game titled “Opus Dei: Existence After Religion”.

Dema Games claims on its 
Facebook page that “no one 
entity can claim sole rights to 
religious concepts of any kind”.

The game is the brainchild of philosophy student Mark Rees-Andersen, 28, who launched it in 2009.

Opus Dei is demanding that the game’s trademark registration in the country be deleted. It is also seeking financial compensation and closure of the website where the game is on sale, according to Janne Glaesel, defence lawyer for Rees-Andersen and for Dema Games.

Opus Dei spokeswoman 
Joanna Engstedt said that Dema Games has no right to use her 
organisation’s name, which means “work of God” in Latin.